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6.1 IP Phone Application Solution
6.1 IP Phone Application Solution
Date: 2018-07-13

Background of the project

With the rapid development in recent years, the current company's video conference system is gradually unable to meet the current communication requirements, both in terms of scale expansion and use efficiency. The improvement of employees' communication requirements, especially the pursuit of more efficient corporate communications and lower communication costs, will obviously lead to the integration and unification of the original multiple communication means, that is, by unified means, a variety of Existing and future communication methods and technologies are centralized into a unified interface for centralized use. This is the future of communications, a collaborative unified communications solution.

Collaborative unified communication is a standard and goal, and it is the goal pursued by various communication vendors and the hope of users for more convenient communication. As the undisputed leader and innovative practitioner of the global communications industry, Cisco is the first to implement and launch a collaborative unified communications platform based on leading technologies.

The Cisco Collaborative Unified Communications Solution intelligently integrates various types of communication means such as video conferencing, web conferencing, instant messaging, fixed telephone, mobile phone, email, voice message, audio, etc. Integrated with mobile devices for a unified user experience, it intelligently connects employees, customers, partners, and more in new ways, whether in the office, at home, or on the road. So as to help you improve business processes, innovate business models, increase production efficiency, and establish a unique competitive advantage for your business.

SIP Protocol used: SIP

Internet 工程任务组 (IETF) 组织于 1999 年提出的一个在基于 IP 网络中,特别是在 Internet 这样一种结构的网络环境中,实现实时通讯应用的一种信令协议。 SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is called the Session Initiation Protocol . It was proposed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 1999 to implement real-time communication in IP- based networks, especially in a network environment such as the Internet. a signaling protocol application.

(Session) ,就是指用户之间的数据交换。 The so-called Session refers to the data exchange between users. SIP 协议的应用中,每一个会话可以是各种不同类型的内容,可以是普通的文本数据,也可以是经过数字化处理的音频、视频,应用具有巨大的灵活性。 In the SIP-based application, each session may be a variety of different types of content, text data may be normal, or may be digitized via an audio, video, applications with great flexibility.

IETF 标准进程的一部分, SIP Web 超文本传输协议 (HTTP) 以及简单邮件传输协议 (SMTP) 演变而来 , 并且发展成为一个功能强大的新标准。 SIP is part of the IETF standard process. SIP evolved from Web Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and has developed into a powerful new standard. It can be used to create, modify and multimedia sessions with multiple participants to attend the end. Members participating in the session by multicast, unicast, or a combination of both forms of networked communication.

There are points SIP clients and servers. The client refers to an application to establish a connection with the server sends a request to the server. A request to the server for client service and returning the application response.

SIP can support a very wide range of means of communication:

l   PC-PC PC-PHONE PHONE-PHONE 的实时语音功能。 Voice communication: PC-PC , PC-PHONE , PHONE-PHONE- based real-time voice functions on broadband Internet worldwide .

l   : 世界范围宽带互联网上的基于 PC-PC PC-VIDEO PHONE VIDEO PHONE- VIDEO PHONE 面对面的实时视频功能。 Video communication : PC-PC , PC-VIDEO PHONE , VIDEO PHONE-VIDEO PHONE face-to-face real-time video function on broadband Internet worldwide .

l   Existing status: Inform the other party of the current communication status (online, busy, away, offline, etc.). Instant messaging: text, graphic real-time communication with friends or colleagues online, or send short message messages.

l   File transfer: Both parties online can send data files to each other quickly, and the file size is unlimited.

l   Application sharing: Invite each other to share files, charts, pictures, desktops, and conduct live discussions and negotiations.

l   Internet video conferencing: shared multimedia video conferencing network-based voice, video and documents, information, data on worldwide broadband Internet.

SIP fundamental value lies in its ability to combine these functions to form a variety of larger, seamless communications services.

NGN (下一代网络)和 3G 多媒体子系统域中的重要协议。 The SIP protocol is more and more popular in the industry due to its many advantages such as simplicity, easy extension, and easy implementation. It is gradually becoming an important protocol in the NGN (Next Generation Network) and 3G multimedia subsystem domains.


1.1.1.     Solution description

FIG overall topology of the system is as follows

The entire system can be divided into:

l    BE6000 :系统的核心组件。 System communication platform BE6000 : the core component of the system. Implement system user and device management, and provide services such as call control, bandwidth policy, call addressing, and security verification.

l    pad 、手机等移动设备接入系统,实现无时无刻无障碍沟通。 Mobile collaboration system: To achieve mobile communication collaboration of unit employees, personnel can access the system through mobile devices such as notebooks, pads , and mobile phones to achieve uninterrupted and trouble-free communication.

l    NAT 和防火墙进行穿越,实现内部和外部视频、即时消息、语音等互联互通。 Firewall traversal and border server: Traversing the external network NAT and firewall to achieve internal and external video, instant messaging, voice and other interconnection.

1.1.2     BE6K Collaborative Communication Platform BE6K

Figure 3-1       

BE 6000 是一款高性能、可靠、安全和易于使用的视频通信控制器,采用支持 VMware 5.0 部署方式,同时内置思科 CUCM 9.0 CUPS CCX UC Manager Unity Connection VCS 的功能模块,具备 H.323 下的网闸和 SIP 下的 SIP server 功能,是思科的视频会议网络解决方案的核心组成部分,并为多供应商终端设备提供号码解析 GK/SIP 服务器支持。 Cisco BE 6000 is a high performance, reliable, secure and easy to use video communications controller, using VMware 5.0 supports the deployment, while built-in Cisco CUCM 9.0, CUPS, CCX, UC Manager, Unity Connection and VCS functional modules, with The gatekeeper under H.323 and the SIP server under SIP are the core components of Cisco's video conferencing network solution, and provide number resolution GK / SIP server support for multi-vendor terminal equipment . (IM) 和在线状态实现会话和呼叫控制。 Cisco® Business Edition 6000 is the core of Cisco Collaboration Services, enabling session and call control for video, voice, messaging, mobility, instant messaging (IM), and presence.

PC 时代中,用户会自带设备 (BYOD) 到工作场所,目前的组织正面临前所未有的诸多挑战。 In the post-PC era, the user will Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the workplace, the organization is currently facing unprecedented challenges. Due to changes in working methods and increasing collaboration needs, the need for an integrated productivity solution that allows users can use anywhere, anytime on any device on any network affordable, safe and reliable communication. 120,000 个客户,以及部署超过 5000 万部思科 IP 电话和其他数千万的软客户端, CUCM 成为行业领先的企业呼叫与会话管理平台。 With more than 120,000 customers worldwide and deployment of more than 50 million Cisco IP phones and tens of millions of other soft clients, CUCM has become the industry's leading enterprise call and session management platform. IM 与在线状态、消息传送以及移动性。 The platform provides a human-centric user and management experience while supporting a variety of collaboration services on Cisco and third-party devices, including: video, voice, IM and presence, messaging, and mobility.

BE 6000 视频通讯服务器适用于不同用户数量的项目,是电信运营商、大型企事业单位、跨国公司、政府机构的最佳选择。 Cisco's BE 6000 video communication server is suitable for projects with different numbers of users. It is the best choice for telecom operators, large enterprises and institutions, multinational companies, and government agencies. The system price, ease of installation, ease of operation and ease of management equally extremely competitive. 1000 个用户注册,可集群支持最大 80000 个用户的注册。 Single supports 1,000 users registered, can be clustered to support a maximum 80,000 registered users.

1 ) Registration and identity verification functions

BE 6000 具有 H.323 SIP 注册功能。 Cisco BE 6000 has H.323 and SIP registration function. BE 6000 后的终端及 MCU 可以实现 IP 地址, E.164 别名、 H.323ID SIP URI 之间的呼叫,这其中的地址解析工作由 BE 6000 来完成。 Terminal and the MCU after registration BE 6000 can be achieved calls between IP address, E.164 alias, H.323ID and SIP URI, which address resolution work done by the BE 6000.

MCU 注册 BE 6000 可以采用自动注册和手动注册两种方式来进行。 BE 6000 registered terminal or MCU can be performed using manual registration and automatic registration in two ways.

BE 6000 时,终端将发送 GRQ 消息寻找 BE 6000 BE 6000 收到后回应 GCF 给终端,完成终端的自动注册过程。 When the terminal chooses to register the BE 6000 automatically , the terminal will send a GRQ message to find the BE 6000. After receiving the BE 6000 , it responds to the GCF to the terminal to complete the automatic registration process of the terminal. BE 6000 时,终端会给指定的 BE 6000 地址发送 RRQ 消息, BE 6000 回应 RCF 给终端后,完成手动注册过程。 When the terminal chooses to manually register the BE 6000 , the terminal sends an RRQ message to the designated BE 6000 address . After the BE 6000 responds to the RCF to the terminal, the manual registration process is completed. MCU 将以固定的时间间隔发送 LW-RRQ BE 6000 , 以实时更新注册状态。 After successful registration, the terminal and MCU will send LW-RRQ to BE 6000 at a fixed interval to update the registration status in real time.

MCU 完成注册后,思科 BE6000 视频会议系统网闸可以为每一端点设备提供 E.164 别名, H.323ID SIP URI 等别名,来维护全网编号的完整性,方便进行呼叫。 After the terminal and MCU are registered, the Cisco BE6000 Video Conference System Gatekeeper can provide E.164 aliases, H.323ID or SIP URI aliases for each endpoint device to maintain the integrity of the entire network number and facilitate calls.

Cluster 集群功能 Support Cluster clustering capabilities

BE 6000 在视频会议系统中的重要性,建立热备份机制显得尤为重要。 Considering the importance of BE 6000 in the video conference system, it is particularly important to establish a hot backup mechanism. BE 6000 由于网络或电源故障不能正常工作,另一台 BE 6000 将成为它的备份。 If one BE 6000 does not work properly due to a network or power failure, the other BE 6000 will be its backup. BE 6000 可以最多配置多台备份,当终端向 BE 6000 发注册信息的时候,将被告知所有备份 BE 6000 的地址。 Each BE 6000 can be configured with multiple backups at most. When the terminal sends registration information to the BE 6000 , it will be informed of the addresses of all backup BE 6000s . BE 6000 出现故障的时,终端会自动的向备份 BE 6000 注册,从而保障呼叫的正常进行。 When the terminal's initial registration of the BE 6000 fails, the terminal will automatically register with the backup BE 6000 to ensure the normal progress of the call.

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