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8.1 Data Center cabling system solutions
8.1 Data Center cabling system solutions
Date: 2018-07-13


  设计原则 1 design principles

(I) High reliability principle

All trunks and levels are dual-routed, with redundancy, and copper cables are added for backup, which can achieve a highly fault-tolerant data center that maintains normal operation during planned downtime of any infrastructure. Data center servers, network equipment, and storage equipment are all connected together and interdependent. Failure of any one channel or port may cause the entire system to run abnormally or even be interrupted. Therefore, the data center cabling system requires extremely high reliability. In addition to the equipment redundancy and physical backup, the wiring system itself is best to use products of high quality and reliability.

(B) the principle of high density

In order to improve the utilization rate of the entire data center, all wiring products must follow the principles of small footprint and high wiring density. MPO /MTP 光纤预连接技术,大大节省了机柜、管道的空间,也提高了数据中心的布线密度和安装维护的效率。 We recommend the use of a high density patch panel and MPO / MTP fiber pre-connection technology, significant savings in the cabinet, the space of the pipe, the wiring density also increases the efficiency of the data center and the installation and maintenance.

) 高安全性原则 ( Three ) the principle of high security

LSZH 的线缆。 Because the data center cabling intensive, centralized display equipment, the engine room for safety equipment and personnel, recommended LSZH cable.

系统设计需求 2 system design requirements

LAN 网布线系统和 SAN 网布线系统两部分组成,在该机房系统工程中,对机房工程内的各种布线进行了统一规划设计,考虑了布线桥架路由与机房内其他各种管路 / 桥架,以确保机房各系统实施的合理有序。 Data center room cabling system consists of two parts LAN network cabling systems and SAN network cabling system components in the engine room systems engineering, for a variety of wiring in the engine room works for a unified planning and design, taking into account each other within the wiring routing bridge and engine room species lines / bridge, to ensure proper and orderly room various embodiments of the system.

MDA -- 水平配线区( HDA -- 设备配线区( EDA )的标准,采用星形布线方式,双路由结构,在机房内每列内终端机柜前端设置网络列头柜。 Network cabling using main wiring area (MDA) - Horizontal Distribution Area (HDA) - standard equipment distribution area (EDA), the star-shaped wiring, dual routing structure, each of the columns in the machine room terminal cabinet counter the first front end of the network.

XX 数据中心设备平面布局、网络拓扑结构、主干路由、招标图纸的参考等分析,同时结合该数据中心的管理服务和性能要求,确定了具体适用的产品和完善的系统设计。 The system of XX by data center equipment layout, network topology, routing trunk, tender drawings like reference combining with the management service and performance requirements of the data center, to determine the specific application of the product and well-designed systems.


数据中心系统解决方案 3 data center system solution

The data center computer room can be a building or a part of a building, which is mainly used to set up a computer room and its supporting space. The data processing device is placed within the core of the data center room is the core of the enterprise. IT 基础架构,实现信息系统高水平的可管理性、可用性、可靠性和可扩展性,保障业务的稳定运行和服务的及时提供。 The establishment of the data center computer room is to comprehensively, centrally, actively and effectively manage and optimize the IT infrastructure, to achieve a high level of manageability, availability, reliability and scalability of the information system, to ensure the stable operation of the business and the timely service provide. Build a complete, high-standard, next-generation data center.

)一个需要满足安装进行本地数据计算、数据存储和安全的联网设备的地方; 1 ) A place that needs to meet the requirements for installation of local data calculations, data storage and secure networking equipment;

)为所有设备运转提供所需的电力; 2) provide the power needed for the operation of all equipment;

)在设备技术参数要求下,为设备运转提供一个温度受控环境; 3 ) Provide a temperature controlled environment for equipment operation under the technical parameters of the equipment;

)为所有数据中心内部和外部的设备提供安全可靠的网络连接。 4) all internal and external data center equipment to provide secure and reliable network connection.

UPS 系统、空调及送风系统、安防系统、自控系统、火灾报警系统、火灾探测及灭火系统、门禁控制系统、温湿度检测系统、监控及管理系统、架空地板以及基础设施的综合布线系统等。 Modern data center computer rooms should include UPS systems, air conditioning and air supply systems, security systems, automatic control systems, fire alarm systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems, access control systems, temperature and humidity detection systems, monitoring and management systems, raised floors, and foundations. Comprehensive wiring system of the facility.

The data center computer room can be divided into computer room and other supporting spaces. Computer room is mainly used for the construction, installation, operation and maintenance of electronic information processing, storage, exchange and transmission equipment, including server room, network room, storage room and other functional areas. Support spaces are facilities and workspaces outside the computer room dedicated to supporting data center operations. 1 )。 Including between the inputs, between telecommunications, administrative area, the auxiliary area and the support area and the like (see FIG. 1).


1 a schematic view of the room layout


HVAC (暖通空调)、通信、冗余与安全需求的存放环境。 The purpose of the data center, for a variety of data facilities provided meet the power, HVAC (HVAC), communications, storage and security needs of redundant environment. Facilities in a data center include a variety of active equipment installed in racks or cabinets and a structured cabling system that connects them. TIA-942 (北美标准)、 EN50173-5.200X (欧洲标准)及 ISO/IEC 草案 24764 (国际标准)中予以定义。 Various parameters to be used are defined in TIA-942 (North American standards), EN50173-5.200X (European standard) and ISO / IEC 24764 draft (international standard) in. 以结构化布线标准为基础,并加入了供电、温度环境、设备摆放及其他更多的要求。 TIA-942 is based on a structured wiring standard and adds requirements for power supply, temperature environment, equipment placement, and more. 2 (See FIG. 2)


小型数据中心架构 3.1 small data center architecture

Small data centers often omit the backbone subsystems and concentrate horizontal cross-connections in racks or cabinets in one or more main wiring areas. All network equipment is located in the main wiring area, connecting the outside of the computer room to support space and telecommunications access The cross connection of the network can also be concentrated in the main wiring area, which greatly simplifies the topology of the wiring. 3 See Figure 3.

FIG small data center topology 3


中型数据中心架构 3.2 Medium Data Center Architecture

A medium-sized data center generally consists of an incoming room, a telecommunications room, a distribution area, and multiple horizontal distribution areas, occupying a room or a floor. 4 See Figure 4.

FIG 4 the data center topology Medium

大型数据中心架构 3.3 Large data center architecture

A large data center occupies multiple floors or multiple rooms. An intermediate wiring area needs to be set up on each floor or room. As a network convergence center, there are multiple telecommunications rooms for connecting independent office and support spaces. For very large data centers, it is necessary to add a secondary incoming line, and the cables can be directly connected to the horizontal wiring area to solve the problem of excessive line length. 5 See Figure 5.

FIG 5 large data center topology

系统方案优势 4 system solution advantages

u   High density and space saving

12 MPO/MTP 快接式接头,大小仅相当于一个 RJ45 接头大小,是传统布线无法比拟的。 The high-density 12- core MPO / MTP quick connector is used, and its size is only equivalent to that of an RJ45 connector, which is unmatched by traditional wiring. MPO/MTP 模块组合成的 1U 4U 光纤配线架分别实现了最高 72 芯和 288 芯( LC )的安装密度,节约了大量的空间去部署更多的设备。 In this connection, bound MPO / MTP module 4U and 1U combined into fiber distribution frame 72, respectively, to achieve the highest core 288 and the core (LC) mounting density, saving a lot of space to deploy more devices.

u   Stable performance, reliable

And terminating all products tested in the factory, no melting point at both ends of the product, attenuation, pre-connectorized branch special techniques to ensure reliability. 100% 的出厂检测,出厂前两端采用抗压、抗拉的保护管,有效的保护了内部连接器,并带有安装拉手,保证了光缆从生产到部署整个过程的性能稳定、可靠。 All products are 100% factory testing, factory protection tube ends using compressive, tensile, and effective protection of the interior of the connector, and with a mounting handle, to ensure the deployment of the cable from the production stability of the process, reliable .

u   Easy to deploy and upgrade

All the connectors are plug-and-play, and the number of cables is much smaller than traditional wiring, so the efficiency of construction is greatly improved. It may have required a week of wiring and can be completed in a few hours. MPO / MTP cabling products just how simple and more convenient? MPO/MTP 光纤配线架;第二步,拉好两个 MPO/MTP 光纤配架之间的光缆;第三步,将 MPO/MTP 光缆插入 MPO/MTP 模块端口。 Only three steps are needed: the first step is to place the MPO / MTP optical distribution frame in the cabinet ; the second step is to pull the optical cable between the two MPO / MTP optical distribution frames; the third step is to connect the MPO / MTP optical cable Insert the MPO / MTP module port. MPO/MTP 光纤链路的部署只需要几分钟就能完成,而且不需要任何工具,不需要熔接,不需要很多人员(一个人就能完成),也不需要很复杂的培训。 It can be seen that the deployment of an MPO / MTP fiber link can be completed in just a few minutes, and does not require any tools, fusion splicing, many people (one person can complete it), or complex training.

Because it is easy to get started and the wiring is difficult, the managers of the data center can perform simple system changes and expansions on their own for a short period of time, saving time and costs.

u   Applications supporting future networks

40G/100G 网络的应用,避免了因网络设备升级而需要重新布线的情况。 Perfectly support 40G / 100G network applications, avoiding the need to re-wiring due to network equipment upgrades. 20 年以上的使用寿命,但流量增长的速度却在 5-10 年,因此我们需要经常对系统进行升级。 Integrated wiring can provide a service life of more than 20 years, but the rate of traffic growth is 5-10 years, so we need to upgrade the system frequently. Therefore, in order for the wiring to support long-term applications, a certain margin must be reserved for the wiring system, otherwise the wiring must be re-wired in the future. Rewiring will become more tedious, more complicated, and more expensive.

u   Beautiful wiring and easy management

40% 以上,有利于数据中心的通风。 The space occupied by the cables is shortened, and the cable space under the bridge or the floor can be reduced by more than 40% , which is conducive to the ventilation of the data center. It has got rid of the numerous and disorderly cables brought by the use of ordinary fiber optic products in the past, reducing the management difficulty of customers and beautifying the space.





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