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8.2 Fiber-to-the-Desk Cabling System Solution
8.2 Fiber-to-the-Desk Cabling System Solution
Date: 2018-07-13

设计原则 Design principles

l   :系统设计根据大楼规划有的放矢,从实际需要出发,注重性价比。 Practicality : The system design is targeted according to the planning of the building, starting from the actual needs and focusing on cost performance.

l   :系统设计应采用技术成熟、性能先进的产品结构,保证大楼的智能化应用在 10 年内不落伍。 Advancement: The system should be designed based on proven, advanced performance of the product structure, to ensure the application of intelligent building to date in 10 years.

l   :各子系统的设计应围绕大厦智能化综合管理平台,开放通讯协议和接口,高度集成。 Openness : The design of each subsystem should be built around the building's intelligent integrated management platform, open communication protocols and interfaces, and highly integrated. Moreover, as long as devices with the same Ethernet protocol can access the building's internal network, expand functions and ports.

l   :设计应考虑系统长期运行的稳定性,是否能够安全可靠。 Safety and reliability : The design should consider the stability of the system's long-term operation and whether it can be safe and reliable. In addition, anti-virus and anti-hacking measures should be taken in network communications to protect against damage.

l   :系统设计除规划近期的实施方案外,还考虑中远期的扩容和发展规划。 Compatibility and scalability : In addition to planning the recent implementation plan, the system design also considers medium and long-term capacity expansion and development plans. Different types of products are easy to integrate, so that the entire intelligent system is continuously enriched and improved with the development of technology.

l   :系统设计应遵循国内外最新的行业规范,建成后应优于国际规范要求。 Professionalism and standardization : The system design should follow the latest domestic and foreign industry codes, and after completion, it should be better than the international code requirements.


系统建设原则 2. System construction principles

1 )系统应采用模块化、开放式结构,在保证系统可靠性、先进性的同时,本着经济、实用、合理的原则,使系统具有良好的性能价格比,使系统的档次与整体建筑水平相匹配。 ( 1 ) The system should adopt a modular and open structure. While ensuring the reliability and advancedness of the system, in accordance with the principles of economy, practicality and reasonableness, the system should have a good performance-price ratio, and the system's grade and the overall building. Match the levels.

2 )选用优秀的技术解决方案,采用国内外成熟的先进技术和设备,确保系统的先进性和开放性、兼容性和扩展性、适应性和应变性、安全性和可靠性。 ( 2 ) Select excellent technical solutions and use mature and advanced technologies and equipment at home and abroad to ensure the system's advancedness and openness, compatibility and scalability, adaptability and adaptability, safety and reliability. To ensure long-term vitality of the system.

3 )系统配置应采用有长期动态寿命的产品,不应采用过渡性的技术及产品。 ( 3 ) The system configuration should use products with long dynamic life, and should not use transitional technologies and products. It can not only meet the current requirements, but also stand the test of technological progress and time.

4 )具有鲜明的大楼智能系统专业性,区别一般的智能化系统,能为 XX 智能管理的高效运作提供充分的条件和优越的环境。 ( 4 ) It has distinctive building intelligent system professionalism, which is different from general intelligent systems, and can provide sufficient conditions and superior environment for the efficient operation of XX intelligent management.

(5)     The system as a whole should reach a high level.


方案需求 3. Program requirements

的综合布线系统包含了语音通信和计算机局域网络 XX integrated wiring system includes voice communication and computer local area network The transmission media involved are optical fibers. Overall design thinking: the principle of " unified design, unified planning, unified construction, unified management ".

XX 内各功能区域当前的使用需求,又考虑系统将来发展的需要,从而实现系统配置灵活、易于管理、易于维护、易于扩充的目的、高传输速率、信号传输更加保密安全。 Establish an advanced and comprehensive integrated wiring system, provide a platform for high-performance network equipment, and provide access to various applications, including voice, data and other application systems, which fully meets the current use needs of each functional area in XX , Considering the future development needs of the system, the system configuration is flexible, easy to manage, easy to maintain, and easy to expand. The high transmission rate and signal transmission are more secure.

XX 项目综合布线保密性与带宽及安全性要求比较高,设计开始对建设光纤到桌面网络有很高的需求。 Due to the relatively high requirements for confidentiality, bandwidth, and security of the comprehensive wiring of the XX project, the design began to have a high demand for the construction of fiber-to-the-desktop networks. 传输速率 的提高,其 电磁泄漏 的风险也快速上升,这对信息安全有较高要求的单位来说无疑是最有吸引力的。 Compared with cables, optical fibers can provide higher bandwidth, longer transmission distances, and longer working life. In particular, optical fibers will not behave like cables. As the transmission rate increases, the risk of electromagnetic leakage also rises rapidly. This is undoubtedly the most attractive for organizations with higher requirements for information security.

光纤到桌面系统解决方案 4. Fiber to the desktop system solution

With the continuous progress of modern information technology, people need more and more bandwidth to transmit, and the security of network information is getting higher and higher. The fiber-to-the-desktop wiring system solution is very personalized!

u   Provide multi-mode and single-mode solutions;

u   PVC LSZH 两种线缆护套; Provide both PVC and LSZH cable jackets;

u   1U48 芯与 4U288 芯解决方案,方便系统的未来升级; Optical fiber distribution frame supports 1U48 core and 4U288 core solutions, which facilitates future system upgrades;

u   双工耦合器使用底损耗; LC duplex coupler uses bottom loss;


Fiber to the desktop solution diagram

X 层的网络信息中心机房;对管理间引入的主干线缆的端接,均在机房内采用标准 19 英寸机柜安装,机房内均需设计并安装各机柜至垂直桥架的金属走线架。 The main equipment room is located in the network information center machine room on the X floor; the termination of the trunk cables introduced in the management room is installed in the machine room using a standard 19 -inch cabinet. Each machine room must be designed and installed with a metal cable to the vertical bridge Wire rack.

The integrated cabling products between devices have a similar configuration to the management room, but mainly focus on the connection of the data fiber backbone and the voice copper backbone.

1U 或者 4U 的光纤配线架,对于双工耦合器,可分别支持 48 芯或者 288 芯光缆的熔接。 The optical fiber distribution frame between the equipment can adopt 1U or 4U optical fiber distribution frame according to the actual application . For the duplex coupler, it can support the fusion of 48- core or 288- core optical cables , respectively . 4U 光纤配线架更加适合应用在园区光缆的汇总。 4U high-density fiber distribution frame is more suitable for use in the summary campus fiber optic cable.

The network information center room can also be used as an incoming room, and the equipment and cable delivery room provided by the data and voice telecommunications operators. ODF 光纤配线架(含托盘、尾纤、光纤适配器)和立柜式语音 MDF 配线架(含防雷保护单元);从数据光纤配线架至网络设备的光纤跳线,根据网络设备光纤口的数量和类型,按实际情况配备。 The home lines of all telecommunications operators are led to the lead-in room along the bridge reserved by the building. The integrated wiring system provides corresponding vertical cabinet-type ODF fiber distribution frames (including trays, pigtails, fiber adapters) and stand -alone cabinets in the lead-in room. -Type voice MDF distribution frame (including lightning protection unit); from the data fiber distribution frame to the network equipment's optical fiber jumper, according to the number and type of network equipment's fiber ports, according to the actual situation.


方案优势 5. Solution advantages

FTTD FiberToTheDesktop )是指光纤替代传统的铜缆传输介质直接延伸至用户终端电脑,使用户终端全程通过光纤实现网络接入。 Fiber to the desktop FTTD ( FiberToTheDesktop ) refers to the replacement of traditional copper cable transmission media directly to the user terminal computer, so that the user terminal through the fiber to achieve network access. PoE 以太网技术等特点,在工作区子系统中仍然处于统治地位。 Copper cable system is still dominant in the work area subsystem due to its low cost, simple installation and construction, convenient maintenance, and support for PoE Ethernet technology. However, with the development of optical communication technology, the bottleneck of copper cable system upgrade and the complexity of the application environment, the advantages of optical fiber become more and more obvious:

1 )光纤可支持更远距离、更高带宽的传输。 ( 1 ) Fiber can support longer distance and higher bandwidth transmission. OM4 多模光缆在 850nm 波长提供至少 4700MHz km 的有效模式带宽、 3500MHz km 的注入模式带宽,在 1300nm 波长提供至少 500MHz km 的注入模式带宽,都支持最长 550m 10Gbps 串行传输,以及 150m 以上的 40/100Gbps 传输。 The new generation of OM4 multimode optical cable provides at least 4700MHz km effective mode bandwidth at 850nm wavelength, 3500MHz km injection mode bandwidth, and at least 500MHz km injection mode bandwidth at 1300nm wavelength , all support 10Gbps serial up to 550m Transmission, and 40 / 100Gbps transmission over 150m . OS2 单模光缆在万兆的以太网中,最长甚至可以达到 40 公里的传输。 The Zero Water Peak OS2 single-mode optical cable can transmit up to 40 kilometers in 10 Gigabit Ethernet . These are simply not possible with copper cable systems. 100 米,选择铜缆系统布线,必须要增加区域管理间,增加网络设备和布线材料,这都会导致项目工程成本增加,并且,还有可能增加链路故障点。 When the transmission distance of information points exceeds 100 meters, the selection of copper cable system wiring must increase the area management room, network equipment and wiring materials, which will lead to increased project engineering costs, and may also increase link failure points. However, fiber optic systems can easily solve this problem.

2 )光纤是非金属物质,数据在光波上传输,可以避免外界的电磁干扰 EMI 和无线电频干扰 RFI ,例如在一些特殊的布线环境:空调机房、医院的医疗设备房间、机械制造工厂等;并且,纤芯之间无串扰,信号也不会对外泄露,起到了很好的保密作用,例如在一些信息要求保密的场所:公检法机关、军事行业、高科技研发单位等。 ( 2 ) Optical fiber is a non-metallic material, and data is transmitted on light waves, which can avoid external electromagnetic interference EMI and radio frequency interference RFI , such as in some special wiring environments: air-conditioning machine rooms, hospital medical equipment rooms, machinery manufacturing plants, etc .; and There is no crosstalk between the fiber cores, and the signal will not be leaked to the outside, which plays a very good role of confidentiality. For example, in some places where information is required to be kept secret: public inspection law agencies, military industries, high-tech research and development units, etc.

3 )使用环境温度范围宽;通讯不带电,可用于易燃、易暴场所,使用安全。 ( 3 ) The temperature range of the use environment is wide; the communication is not powered, and it can be used in flammable and violent places, and it is safe to use.

4 )耐化学腐蚀,使用寿命长。 ( 4 ) Chemical resistance and long service life.

5 )不同的护套材料和内部结构,可应付恶劣的办公环境。 ( 5 ) Different jacket materials and internal structures can cope with harsh office environments.

6 )铜缆系统从 Cat5 发展到 Cat6A ,在结构上增加了十字骨架、屏蔽层(甚至双层屏蔽层),线径变得越来越大,这些都无形增加了铜缆的原材料成本、运输成本、安装辅材成本、安装施工成本和测试成本等。 ( 6 ) The copper cable system has developed from Cat5 to Cat6A . The structure has added a cross skeleton, a shielding layer (even a double-layer shielding layer), and the wire diameter has become larger and larger, all of which have increased the raw material cost of the copper cable, Transportation cost, installation auxiliary material cost, installation construction cost and test cost, etc. Cat5 4 个测试参数,发展到后来十几个,现在还多了个外部串扰测试参数,使得 Cat6A 布线系统的验收测试更加的繁琐和费时。 The copper cable system has developed from four test parameters of Cat5 to more than a dozen later. Now there are more external crosstalk test parameters, making the acceptance test of Cat6A wiring system more tedious and time-consuming. 2 个:“衰减”和“长度”。 However, since the development of optical fibers has not changed in volume and weight, there are generally only two test parameters : "attenuation" and "length". In addition, with the development of optical communication technology, the cost of raw materials has tended to decrease, and installation and construction have become more and more simple.






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