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5.6 Hotel wireless coverage solution
5.6 Hotel wireless coverage solution
Date: 2018-12-06

business background

With the development of the mobile Internet, the explosion of mobile terminals and the rapid popularization of wireless terminals and wireless applications have greatly promoted the development of wireless networks. In this era of mobile internet, wireless has become the dominant force for terminal access. 、移动办公已成大势所趋,酒店WLAN的应用需求正在进一步加大。 BYOD and mobile office have become the general trend, and the demand for hotel WLAN applications is further increasing.

,即从硬件设施转移到了如何提供高水平高质量的增值服务和体验。 The competition focus of hotels has shifted from " hard " to " soft " , that is, from hardware facilities to how to provide high-level and high-quality value-added services and experiences. Today, hotel service projects have become the focus of the industry. With the rapid development of global information technology and the widespread application of wireless network technology, it has become a trend to provide new high-speed information services for hotels. Whether it can be a repeat customer of a hotel and how to obtain the attention of users, network information services are definitely The most effective means is also a tool for hotel information dissemination. The wireless network has the advantages of strong mobility, high flexibility, and rapid deployment, which is most suitable for building a high-quality network information service platform in a hotel.


、网速太慢, Wi-Fi反而成为顾客抱怨、投诉的地方 1. The network speed is too slow, but Wi-Fi has become a place for customers to complain and complain.

、会议室接入终端高密,无线接入无法满足重要资产设备管理 2.The conference room access terminal has a high density , and wireless access cannot meet the management of important assets and equipment

、攻击手段多样,无线安全有威胁 3. Various attack methods and threats to wireless security

、无线营销能力弱,无线投入无法转化为创造商业价值的生产力 4. Wireless marketing ability is weak, wireless investment cannot be transformed into productivity that creates business value


的结构化无线网络解决方案进行设计。 Combined with the hotel's wireless network requirements and the product's own technical characteristics, in order to meet the needs of users to build a high-speed, stable, secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage wireless access network, this design solution is based on the AP + AC structured wireless network solution Design.


Hotel wireless coverage

Enterprise-grade wireless system, deploy professional solutions according to the actual situation of the hotel. According to the actual site survey and signal test situation, the wireless network adopts a cellular deployment method.

直接对房间进行无线覆盖,避免了吸顶AP部署在楼道走廊时无线信号穿透房间墙壁甚至是卫生间等造成房间内信号差、网络不可用的问题。 Hotel rooms use panel APs to directly wirelessly cover the room, avoiding the problem of poor signal and network unavailability caused by wireless signals penetrating the walls of the room or even the bathroom when the ceiling AP is deployed in the corridor of the corridor.

协议的高性能室内吸顶AP (支持吸顶、壁挂、桌面放装三种安装方式),其高吞吐量、高用户并发等优异的性能均能很好的满足无线接入。 The indoor scenarios such as lobby, conference room, restaurant, etc. have the characteristics of large number of access users and large coverage. By deploying high-performance indoor ceiling APs that support the 802.11ac protocol (supporting three installation methods: ceiling, wall hanging and desktop installation) , Its high throughput, high user concurrency and other excellent performance can well meet wireless access.

,实现室外远距离、大容量的接入,并且防水防雷防尘, IP68专业级防护能力,确保整个无线系统的稳定可靠, 。 The outdoor environment is harsh, and the deployed equipment is often exposed to wind and rain. It is required that outdoor equipment must have high protection capabilities, waterproof and lightning protection, and simple installation and maintenance. Outdoor APs are deployed to achieve outdoor long-distance, large-capacity access, and waterproof and lightning protection. Dust-proof and IP68 professional-grade protection capability ensure the stability and reliability of the entire wireless system.

Hotel wireless security

认证,微信认证可实现吸粉, APP认证可以提升酒店APP使用量,适合酒店使用。 The authentication methods commonly used in hotels are mainly WeChat authentication and APP authentication. WeChat authentication can achieve powder absorption. APP authentication can increase the use of hotel APPs and is suitable for hotels. In addition, there are two-dimensional code authentication, SMS authentication, exempt authentication, and temporary visitor authentication.

多种网络应用和千万级的URL地址,将违法、违规、暴力、黄色等不良网页过滤掉,净化网络环境。 Based on the nation's largest application identification library, it accurately identifies more than 2,400 network applications and tens of millions of URL addresses, filters out illegal, illegal, violent, and yellow bad web pages and purifies the network environment.

Hotel wired and wireless networks not only need to complete customer access and authentication, but also audit the customers' wired and wireless network behavior and content.

是黑客或不良分子在公共场所搭建免费”WiFi ,诱使用户访问虚假的无线接入点,从而达到截获其账号、密码等信息的目的。 Phishing WiFi is a " free " WiFi set up by hackers or malicious elements in public places to induce users to access fake wireless access points, thereby achieving the purpose of intercepting information such as their account numbers and passwords. 会实时对周边的无线信号进行检测,反制异常WiFi信号,避免上网用户的银行钱财、隐私信息被盗。 Through illegal access point countermeasures (anti-phishing), the AP will detect the surrounding wireless signals in real time, counteract abnormal WiFi signals, and prevent the theft of bank money and private information of Internet users.

Hotel wireless advertising

Through the WeChat authentication function provided by wireless, hotel staying customers use WeChat authentication to obtain the free wireless network provided by the hotel, and users can go online without perception. After WeChat authentication, on the one hand, we can increase the number of hotel WeChat public account fans, and on the other hand, we can use the hotel WeChat public account to promote hotel business.

The multi-dimensional advertisement push function of the technology hotel wireless solution allows hotel in-store advertisements to be accurately pushed to each target customer's smart terminal through multiple dimensions such as location, time, and customer type. Advertisements that target customers' needs directly make it impossible for customers to refuse.

Solution advantages:

、完善的解决方案:技术可以提供完善的酒店无线解决方案,以及全系列、高性能的WLAN网络设备,拥有千兆、万兆无线控制器,室内双频、室外11AC 、面板11AC全系列AP产品;拥有无线控制器集群方案,可适应于超大规模WLAN组网;拥有FIT/FAT一体化解决方案。 1. Complete solution: technology can provide a complete hotel wireless solution, as well as a full range of high-performance WLAN network equipment, with Gigabit and 10 Gigabit wireless controllers, indoor dual-band, outdoor 11AC , panel 11AC full series AP Products; has a wireless controller cluster solution that can be adapted to ultra-large-scale WLAN networking; has an FIT / FAT integrated solution.

、一体化融合方案:设备采用强劲的X86架构,集无线控制器、用户认证、营销推送、客流分析、上网行为管理、流量控制、上网行为审计、防火墙、网络管理于一体,大大简化网络结构,极大的降低了建设成本、运维成本。 2. Integrated integration solution: The device adopts a strong X86 architecture, which integrates wireless controllers, user authentication, marketing push, passenger flow analysis, online behavior management, flow control, online behavior audit, firewall, and network management, which greatly simplifies the network structure. , Greatly reducing construction costs, operation and maintenance costs.

、多维度在线营销:为酒店访客无线网络提供O2O增值营销功能,可以增加微信关注量,并具有客流分析、用户偏好分析、人流密度热力图等功能。 3. Multi-dimensional online marketing: Provides O2O value-added marketing functions for hotel visitors' wireless networks, which can increase the attention of WeChat, and has functions such as passenger flow analysis, user preference analysis, and heat flow density map.

、可视化运维管理:拥有可视化的易管理网络,一键配置,即插即用,统一进行无线网络管理,配合智能交换机,让运维更智能、更轻松。 4. Visual operation and maintenance management: It has a visual and easy-to-manage network, one-click configuration, plug and play, unified wireless network management, and intelligent switches to make operation and maintenance smarter and easier.

success case:

无线连接一切的愿景,在智慧医疗的无线网络建设中继续承担推动和发展使命,一起推动智慧医疗的发展,目前已经有近百家酒店用户选择我们的方案。 As the leader of the next generation of enterprise wireless, the technology has always adhered to the vision of " connecting everything wirelessly " , continuing to undertake the promotion and development mission in the wireless network construction of smart medical, and promoting the development of smart medical together. At present, there are nearly 100 hotels The user chooses our plan.

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